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CUTE TIFFANY customers’ photos wearing our evening and bridal masterpieces

 Dear clients, we will be happy to put your evening end wedding photos on our website. Send your photos in our wedding end evening dresses to email address: mail@cutetiffany.com.

Are you concerned about peculiarities of your figure? Do not even worry! Modern wedding fashion provides a large range of possibilities for brides with different figure types. Successfully chosen style, soft elegant draping, embellishments or bright details can turn any bride’s figure into a fabulous ideal. Making a wedding gown of one’s own design is not something that everyone can afford, but we are quite sure that we can offer you an original dress in accordance with your personal style and character, a dress that can brighten your wedding day.

If you want to avoid those exhausting wedding dress searches and in the same time the risk of meeting few brides in the same dress as yours right on your wedding day – then you are the one of those girls, who want to be unique.

What are the advantages of brides in wedding dresses from СUTE TIFFANY?

  • Wedding dress creation ought to be trusted only to highly skilled professionals. Custom made dresses have many advantages. The best experts and experienced professionals are involved in the work of our salon.
  • According to your request, here we will create an exclusive wedding dress, which will be an embodiment of all your dreams and wishes itself: you are welcomed to choose the type fabric and its color, to talk about your style preferences with our designer so we can take your tastes and views into account. It depends on your choice whether your wedding dress have to be embroidered with pearls, Swarovski crystals or beads …
  • Our wedding salon possesses everything for unique and gorgeous wedding dresses creation, as far as talented designers and stylists are involved in this process.
  • Our salon produces elegant wedding dresses of impeccable quality.